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PERU is a place where many cultural traditions meet, that mixture and wisdom that passes from generation to generation is represented in the Peruvian gastronomy. We want to be their ambassadors and a part of history in the making. Our Chefs team proposal is modern, creative and original. It reinterprets the Peruvian cuisine in a contemporary way, constantly searching for new ideas and experimenting with local ingredients and recipes but embracing the Peruvian essence and seasoning. We want to celebrate our roots and share our food with the world as a tribute to our people and their stories, because our main ingredient is passion and love to our country. Prepare to discover new tastes inspired by the exquisite flavor of Peruvian Cuisine. It will be a unique experience to remember. Welcome to Peru Gourmet. Enjoy!

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With a cozy feel and comfortable space, Peru Gourmet is a great place to explore with your family, friends, date or for a business meeting.

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These are some of our very favorite moments. Come to celebrate with us special and unforgettable events.

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We have a wide variety of dishes to serve the most traditional Peruvian taste, making us one of the best options in town.

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Celebrate your favorite event with delicious Peruvian food. We offer full Catering Service at the Restaurant or at the Venue you choose, which includes all kinds of national and international meals (including fish and seafood), sweet and salty cold and hot snacks.

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